417 DIY is a do-it-yourself auto shop in Springfield, MO. Do you want to be the mechanic? At 417 DIY, we can do the job for you, help you through it, or give you a tool cart of your own! The power is in your hands.

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You can do it, We can help: that is the driving mantra at 417 DIY.

Our full-featured auto shop allows you the option to do your own repairs along with tool rentals, have our certified mechanics teach you, or let them do the work.

Also check out 417 DIY’s premium makerspace417 Makerspace is the place to be for all of your creative outlets. We have a full-fledged woodshop, metalshop, robotics lab, and a 3D Printer. All to satisfy your inner artist. We even offer classes, in case you’ve always wondered about being the next Da Vinci, but have not yet taken the plunge.




Rent any lift in our shop for up to 30 minutes for the purpose of changing oil or routine tuning.

$30 / hr

Rent any lift in our shop by the hour. You get access to a tool cart and can ask to use almost any tool in the shop except for consumables and welders. If you need a quick bit of advice or a check to make sure things look right, our mechanics will be happy to assist you.

$50 / hr

Lift rental, plus one of our mechanics will work closely with you to help you solve your problem. Choose this level if you want to do it yourself but want guidance to not screw anything up, or if you aren’t a mechanic but want to be involved in what goes on inside your car.

$80 / hr

At this level, we’ll do all the work for you. Leave your car with us and go about your way. If you’d like to hang out while we’re working, we have plenty of seating. You can even check out the makerspace and see what people are working on.

$50 / hr

This additional charge covers the use of any specialty equipment that consumes resources: welders and plasma cutters.


We have a selection of supplies and parts on-hand that are available for purchase.



We have Duralast Professional tools to do the job right. We also provide a full-service shop with ASE-certified mechanics that can do the repair for you, for the job you just don’t want to, or are not comfortable trying. We can also walk you through the job you need done.

Our auto lifts are four 9000lb, two 10,000lb, two 12,000lb two-post lifts, and two 12,000lb four-post drive-ons as well as four motorcycle lifts. We have diagnostic equipment updated to 2013 for cars and trucks, we have Mig welders, plasma cutters, hand and air tools needed to do most any job, from brakes, suspension, and tune-ups to major overhauls on engines or transmissions. The garage is walking distance from an Auto Zone.



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